Glasgow Herald 12. APR 1983

Malte Sartorius

MALTE SARTORIUS is professor at the college of Art, Braunschweig in Germany. He is also an etcher of considerable merit, prize winner at prestigious international print biennales and at present exhibitor at Glasgow Print Studio Gallery, courtesy of the Goethe Institue (till May 2).

His art is of the super-realist style still fashionable in some areas and the detail and intensity of seeing in much of his work is impressive. Stroke upon stroke builds up into a highly charged precise record of a landscape or a still life.

The subjects themselves are not important, (these are ordinary scenes, everyday kitchen dishes or garden tools), but objectively observed, considered, scrutinised and absorbed, they are transformed into timeless images.

Occasionally, as with his minutely recorded foregrounds of weeds or wasteground, I feel his efforts could be put into something more interesting and sometimes his etchings taste too strongly of nineteenth century tight cross-hatching technicalities, but other compositions are breathtaking. I especially admired his etched studies of an old bare plaster wail with a jug in a niche, a corner of studio table clutter and, last but best, a superb drawing, "Granja IV."