Ten etchings by Malte Sartorius
Professor Emeritus, Free Graphics, Braunschweig University for Graphic Arts

The renowned German draughtsman and graphic artist Malte Sartorius presents us a series of 10 etchings of the Achtamar Church to be sold. The revenues from the sales of these works will enable us to work through further documents on the Armenian genocide, to have them translated, and to publish. My wife and I would like to thank Malte Sartorius most heartily for this generous gesture.
Sigrid and Wolfgang Gust

The Etchings are composed of ten hard-ground and aquatint etchings, in an edition 50 for a set of all ten graphics and 100 for single copies. They will be numbered (portfolios in Roman I/L - L/L; single copies in Arabic 1/100 -100/100) and signed by the artist Malte Sartorius.

Achtamar01 (39,5 x 29,5)

Achtamar03 (39,5 x 28,5)

Achtamar04 (39,5 x 29,0)

Achtamar07 (39,5 x 30,0)

Achtamar08 (39,5 x 30,0)

Achtamar10 (49,0 x 39,5)

Achtamar06 (39,5 x 29,0)

Achtamar09 (49,5 x 39,5)

Achtamar02 (39,5 x 30,0)

Achtamar05 (39,5 x 30,0)

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